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Within the scope of Information Note as per the Personal Data Protection Law and Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  Personal Data Protection and Processing Regulation prepared by Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD. Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  in accordance with the related articles of Personal Data Protection Law (“PDP Law”) no. 6698, I hereby acknowledge and declare that Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD., as the Data Controller, or data processors authorized by Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  (provided that such data processors have adequate safeguards in place), for the purpose of ensuring that the products and services offered by Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  are provided in the best conditions and circumstances, and that such products and services are provided in a reliable and uninterrupted manner, and that the customer satisfaction is increased to the maximum level, and that the payments are performed, and that various processes and procedures with respect to the aforementioned services are conducted, and that the operations are carried out and improved, and that promotional, marketing, advertisement and campaign activities are conducted for such products and services or for any other product and service, and that you are informed about the opportunities, campaigns and such other details, and also that the requirements specified under the agreements, executed by and between you and Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD. , are satisfied; may obtain and record the respective identity details, address details, contact details and such other personal data in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in PDP Law (especially the principle of storing the personal data only for the time stipulated in the legislation or the time that is necessary in accordance with the purpose or processing), and it shall maintain, store and keep any such data physically or electronically in a secured way for a time period befitting processing purposes, and it shall change, redeploy, disclose and transmit any such data as per the applicable regulations thereto, and it shall takeover, categorize, process any such data, or it shall prevent that any such data is used. Furthermore, I hereby acknowledge and declare that the Company has informed be regarding the aforementioned subjects and I hereby give my explicit consent under the PDP Law. I hereby acknowledge and declare that the Company may, subject to the purposes stated hereinabove, transfer the personal data to its employees, officers, the subsidiaries and group companies of Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  (the Company and/or its business partners, shareholders), governmental organizations and agencies including but not limited to General Directorate of State Airports Authority and General Directorate of Civil Aviation, to independent audit firms within the legal boundaries and to the extent that such transfer is legally necessary, to survey companies, to the business partners and service providers from which any service is procured or with which Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  collaborates for performance of the services to be provided to me or the activities thereto, and that I haven given my explicit consent regarding the foregoing. On the other hand, I acknowledge that I have the right to claim the following in accordance with the 11th article of PDP Law and the relevant legislation:   - To learn whether or not my personal data have been processed;  - To request information as to processing if my data have been processed; - To learn the purpose of processing of my personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose; - To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom my personal data have been transferred; - To request rectification in case my personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately; - To request deletion or destruction of my personal data if the reasons for processing have been disappeared;  - To request notification of above deletion or destruction requests of my personal data to third parties to whom my personal data have been transferred; - To object to occurrence of any unfavorable result by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems; - To claim compensation, in case of occurrence of damages due to illegal processing of my personal data.

I acknowledge that I can exercise my foregoing rights, by filling out the form on website and asserting my statements regarding the right I wish to exercise, together with the necessary


Date: 06.04.2018 Rev. : 

information for identification, and send the same to the attention of Marketing Department of Kalkedon International Transport & Trade LTD.  Operation Services Co. at the address of Mimarsinan Mah. Çavuşbaşı Cad. Özge Sok. No: 1/24 Çekmeköy İstanbul/TÜRKİYE via notary public, via hand-delivery in person or via other ways stipulated at the PDP Law, if any.  Furthermore, I acknowledge and declare that the personal data I have shared with the Company is up-to-date and that I will inform the Company regarding any change in the aforementioned data. I have given my explicit consent that my personal data including special categories of my personal data can be processed, used and shared only for the designated purposes for which data are processed, and stored for the required time period. I have been informed about that subject matter and I read and understand the Form herein, Mimarsinan Mah. Çavuşbaşı Cad. Özge Sok. No: 1/24 Çekmeköy İstanbul/TÜRKİYE Personal Data Protection and Processing Regulation and the Information Note. 


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